Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Curing and Flavoring Black Olives at Home DIY

The olives seen here were picked in Davis, CA.  They were split between black and green, and the black were salt-cured and the green brine-cured.  That means that the black were packed in kosher salt upside down with a permeable cover (for about 6 weeks) and the green were left in a brine (1:10 salt and water and changed weekly for about 8 weeks).

When the black olives were done curing, we followed a recipe in The Joy of Pickling, adding in olive oil, crushed bay leaves, orange rind, and garlic, and letting them sit for 6-24 hours.  
Here they are.  We rinse them before eating, and they are pretty good.  The orange is quite strong.
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