Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby in Doll Ergo and Sleep Sack from a Toddler

This is the Child Ergo I made (here).  Little brother likes the doll collection these days, and wanted to wear one of the babies on his back.

This was all of the dollies with preschooler-made blankets and loveys.

In other news, we made another sleep sack for another of the babies (original post here).  This was Big Brother's idea, and he actually did a great deal of the stitching and labor.  To make this one, we laid her onto a piece of fleece and cut around her.  We made sure to cut up around the arms and make a neckline.  Then my little helper hand stitched the edges up each side.  I did one shoulder, and we closed the other with a safety pin.  Now she's ready for bed!
And yes, thanks for asking, that doll is my original Cabbage Patch Kid from the '80s.
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