Monday, February 11, 2013

Lululemon Shorts into Kid (Yoga) Pants

I had a pair of baggy Lululemon shorts I wore while pregnant that no longer fit but were still in good condition.  So, instead of giving them away... my older child (a little bigger than size 5T) now has another pair of pants in this awesome fabric.

To make them, I laid a pair of pants that fit him on top of these.  Turns out that the length was just perfect to keep the waistband and bottom hem intact.  I was also able to keep the pockets.

I cut the inner seam, then stitched it up.

To make the waistband, I took the existing drawstring and cut it to size and re-threaded it.

They are a bit baggy- I think I need to tighten up the waist and legs to make them a more loved and lovable pair of pants.

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