Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pattern Review: Favorite Purse Pattern by Melly Sews

Though adorable (and with a ton of useful pockets), this bag was really frustrating.  It is from Melly Sews and is her "Favorite Purse" pattern.

Positives of the pattern were that the pieces all fit together and it is a nice size.  Actually, now that I think about it, my outer pleated pockets didn't fit just right over the main body piece and I had to cut them down.

Negatives were the way she explained how to do the zipper pockets (it made me think of why people hate zippers!) and their linings.  Her explanation of how to do the binding and side circles was also inferior (see how I skipped both).

I also like how the bag has a main zipper, although how she attached the handle could have been more discreet and it doesn't make sense why she laps the edges of the main body zipper under towards the end.

The straps are fine- the whole package got a bit thick in my machine at the end- but at least her explanation made sense!  The others were a bit brief- even for an "intermediate level seamstress" like she recommends to do this pattern.  I quite like the adjustable strap.

All in all, I'd say give this pattern a skip.  The directions are understandable enough but there are far easier methods for accomplishing many of the tasks (like the Hobo Bag, for example).
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