Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flannel Baby Blankets

These blankets are really easy to make and are so useful.  They make great gifts.

I made two this time, one double-layer and one single-layer.  The single layer is 20" x 36" and the double layer is 20" x 26".  I think an ideal blanket is about 26" x 36".

To make the single-layer blanket, you cut the fabric, then hem it under.  To make the double-layer blanket, you cut the fabric then sew it together, right sides facing, leaving a 2"-4" hole for turning on one side (tip: make it on an edge, not a corner).  Then turn it right side out and iron the edges flat.  Then topstitch around, closing the turning hole as you go (tip: use a wider straight stitch for topstitching- it looks nicer-- like a 3.5).

Viola!  Soft and useful!
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