Monday, February 25, 2013

Magic Modeling Clay into Tooth Crowns

Unfortunately, I broke a tooth last week and need a crown.

I went to the dentist and they had me go to the tooth factory (the lab where they make crowns) to get custom color matching done.  I brought both kids and asked for a tour.  The boss came out and gladly gave us one.  We saw the people making mouth molds, and the tooling equipment and all of the various stations and kilns.  It was pretty awesome.  He even thanked us for our interest and gave my kids the molds of someone's mouth and a matching crown as a parting gift. 

We got home and my older son has been making more crowns for the mouth mold using Magic Modeling Clay.  
Also, every time I say "dentist," my younger son points to his teeth and says, "uh-oh."

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  1. It feels good when kids involve themselves too deeply in the act. Especially when it comes to make more crowns from modelling clay, they are pretty much interested to do it more effectively. They have a bright future for sure. - Denturist



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