Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kids Yoga Ages 3-7

This is approximately 45 minutes long.

Names/ hello/ welcome

Cat/ Cow (in cow, lion breath out)

Warrior series (if older kids)

Stand in tree (challenge- close eyes, move arms around), tree jumps

Pilates Balls: toss to partner, roll on it, hold in feet overhead, happy baby, ask kids for ideas

Foam Roller: roll on it, ask kids for ideas, make trees around room and move around them

Walk like a bear, Walk like a crab

Froggy jumps, Star jumps (can hold onto a tree*roller)

Snakes slithering on mat on bellies or waving upward

Down dog tunnel – snake through the tunnel, then become part of the tunnel

Seated stretches- over one leg, over both, butterfly

Lying butterfly, twist to each side

Put everything away

Sit cross-legged, Ohmmm chant

Song: goodbye, everybody and namaste

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