Friday, September 18, 2015

Hot Peppers Part 1: Pique Sauce

What to do when life gives you peppers?

Make hot sauce, of course!

After staring at the pile of peppers for a day and deciding they weren't getting any fresher, I turned to The Joy of Pickling for some inspiration. This cookbook has been a great resource for creative and delicious recipes.   It didn't disappoint today.

I found three that looked good, and had enough hot peppers to make them all.

The first was a Pique, which was super easy to make and she describes it as an easy restaurant-style condiment.  It's basically hot pepper infused cider vinegar.

To make it, I used an old vinegar jar and sliced up the peppers and garlic, and added them and 12 peppercorns and some salt, then the cider vinegar.  It's on my counter for 2 days before I get to try it.

Hot Peppers Part 1: Pique Sauce
Hot Peppers Part 2: Southeast Asian Chile Garlic Relish
Hot Peppers Part 3: Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce

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