Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Upcycling: Too Long Crop Pants into Crops for me and Shorts for 4 Year Old

These soft and cozy crops were too long for me.  Like I-went-for-a-walk-in-them-and-had-to-fold-them-up too long.  So I took the scissors to them and cut them just around knee height.

What to do with the excess? 

Make little boy shorts, of course!  For my four year-old.

To make these, I measured the cut ends against his leg and determined the length was right but they would need an added waistband instead of a rolled-over one.

Then I cut the angled crotch seam and stitched the sides together, right sides together.  

Next, I measured his waist to a snug fit against some 4-way stretch fabric (you could always do any fabric and add a piece of elastic inside), and cut it about 4" wide.  I stitched it into a  loop.  Then I folded it over and put the right sides together around the waist.  The seams both face up, towards where the body goes, when you use this method.  Then I stitched it around once with a regular stitch and again with a wide zig zag (faux serge) next to the seam.

Viola!  Cutest shorts ever and a pair of crops that I can go use for walking.

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