Saturday, September 5, 2015

TRX/ Boot Camp Class Routine Group X

Grab a TRX, DB you can press overhead and also row, and a set of sliders

Warm Up (8-10 min):
Bodyweight Squats
Bear crawls
Chicken pecks
Kick and reach
Bear Crawls
Jumping jacks
Low TRX Squats
TRX Lunges

3 rounds:
TRX pull ups
TRX chest press
DB squat and press
DB Lateral hops over

2 rounds:
DB Renegade row
Push Ups
TRX pistol squat

2 rounds:
TRX One arm row
Slider Mountain climbers
Walking plank

2 rounds:
TRX Jump Squat
TRX reverse lunge or lunge to hop or knee up

2 rounds:
TRX Ab Rollout
TRX Triceps Press
TRX Biceps Curls

3 rounds:
TRX side plank
TRX or forearm plank/ DB plank pull throughs
TRX or slider pike or "running"


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