Sunday, September 6, 2015

TRX/ Boot Camp Class Routine Group X for sharing TRXs in partners

This is for a class with half as many TRXs as participants.  They can share per grouping of exercises (half the class doing one exercise and the other half doing the other exercise).

Set interval timer for 45:15
Grab a TRX, DB you can press overhead and also row, and a set of sliders

Warm Up (10 min):
Bodyweight Squats
Bear crawls
Chicken pecks
Kick and reach
Bear Crawls
Jumping jacks
Low TRX Squats
TRX Lunges

3 rounds (12 min):
TRX pull ups
TRX chest press
DB squat and press
DB Lateral hops over

2 rounds (8 min):
DB Renegade row
Push Ups
TRX pistol squat

4 rounds (16 min):
TRX One arm row
Slider Mountain climbers/ Slider Pike (2 rounds each)
Walking plank
TRX Jump Squat

2 rounds (8 min):
TRX side plank
forearm plank/ DB plank pull throughs

Stretching/ Rolling if foam rollers -3 min Pin It

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