Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Underwear

In addition to being incredibly cute, baby underwear are nice in the summer, when being nakey butt just isn't appropriate. We are also using them as a transition into staying dry with something covering the privates. This is because it seems to be easier for the baby to tell us when he has to pee when he is totally naked than when there is something there. It is cute-- sometimes he is in undies and pees, and you can see the wheels turning in his head-- he watches the pee go down his leg and looks at it, then looks at us.
So-- the first photo here is for boy briefs, made using this pattern: I modified it to use fold over elastic (FOE) on the legs and waist. I found that adding a seam allowance like she suggests is unnecessary (probably because of the FOE!). Also, I needed to just barely pull the FOE to get enough stretch at the legs. I made a couple of other pairs of these but pulled them too tight so they are too small.
The next photo is made using Katrina's soaker pattern with cotton, no soaker layer, and modified to cut an inch off the front and back to make it shorter. I like these, but they are a bit long still, and a bit wide in the crotch for this purpose. Incidentally, I made a pair with the same modifications but in fleece and it makes a great pair of fleece undies. Cute, too.
Here is another pattern for little undies: I haven't made it yet but I think the time is coming soon. I don't love either pattern I have for underwear yet, and really want to have a great fit on our baby.
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