Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smock Bib

This is the back of the smock bib I made out of flannel.

Here is the front.

Here it is, made out of PUL.

He is ready for action!

Notice that both versions are made with fold over elastic (FOE) as the binding. If you made it with something that didn't fray, like fleece, you could skip that. You could also cut your own binding or use store-bought binding. The FOE supposedly does not wick (i.e. it keeps the moisture out).

After using these, we learned that flannel is not the best material to use alone for a bib. Wet things go right through. I was thinking of lining the middle section with terry. PUL makes a great bib; food slides right down.

Here is the pattern I used: The only modification is that the cuffs at the arms are a little tight. After making the first one of these, I modified it to make them a little wider. The pocket is amazing at catching food, and having different neck width settings is great at keeping the goodies from sliding down (it stays nice and tight).

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