Friday, June 19, 2009

Split Crotch Pants

So I read about split-crotch pants and decided I needed to give them a try when I found what looked to be a super-easy pattern to make them. It was as easy as it looked, and my production began.
What is really great about split-crotch pants is that the baby stays warm, even his bottom. You can give him as many pottytunities as you want/ you think he is telling you he needs, and not worry about constantly pulling pants up and down. You just hold him and make sure the crotch is open when his legs are open over the potty.
This penguin pair was my favorite.
I guess leaving him shirtless defeated the purpose of staying warm in the pants!!??!!
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  1. Hi Nikki,
    these are great! Well done, I have used that pattern myself for pants for elimination communicating babies!

    How old is your little man in these shots?

    - Charndra

    P.S Kids don't seem to care about the ambient temperature! I remember my first baby would be sitting naked on the cold tiles - we'd move him to the carpet to play; he'd move back!

    1. Thanks- he was younger than 10 months (which was his age on this posting date), but I'm not sure-- it was so long ago!



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