Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thin Diaper Cover

This is a diaper cover for prefolds. It is made using the Chloe Toes Side Snapping Cover Pattern (yes, it is purple because it was made as a gift for a girl baby-- there she is, above). It is made out of purple PUL with white fold over elastic (FOE) to bind and elasticize. The snaps are resin snaps, and I put them on using hand-held snap pliers ( This is the front view.
Here is the back view.

Lastly, here is the side view. You can see the snaps better from this view. This is the pattern:

I am including a diaper cover on this blog because we found the diaper cover extremely useful when the baby was younger. We use a lot of thin cloth diapers (plain, one layer cotton Gerbers -- because we change him after one pee. This is so he doesn't get used to the feeling of wetness and notices when he is wet. The theory is that it helps enforce the feedback loop of pee makes me wet and uncomfortable if they never sit in a wet diaper (or as rarely as possible).

When he was really little, we took him out in disposable diapers and used a cloth diaper at home. But then our confidence got higher is using cloth outside of the house when we realized how easy it is to use a cover like this one. The PUL is really thin, so he could still wear clothes without getting a huge bottom (like he did in our fleece diaper covers).

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  1. I happen to be Molly's Grandmother and Krista told me all about the adorable diaper cover. I am starting to sew again so I am enjoying your blog and I love the picture above!



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