Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cloth Diapers

The top one here is an all-in-one cloth diaper I made for a friend (the bottom green one is a pair of tiny undies I was trying to use as training pants by stuffing the front). This is the front view. The bottom photo is the inside view. I made it using the Little Comet Tails Tightey Whitey Hipster pattern It is PUL on the outside, 2 layers of Zorb on the inside, and single-sided super-soft fleece on the inside. The fleece acts as a feel-dry layer. It closes with velcro.
If I would make it again, I would use 3 layers of Zorb and snaps instead of velcro. Or-- I would make laundry tabs for the velcro.
What I love about all of the free diaper patterns out there is that you can use them to make all-in-ones like this, or diaper covers, or fitted diapers, or pocket diapers. All that changes is which layers are sewn together and where. All of the concepts about absorbency and wicking are the same throughout (see my piddle pad post for a little more detail); it is just a matter of preference of what you want the child to be wearing and how you want to do your laundry.
Speaking of which, this is a great website about modern cloth diapers and how to take care of them
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