Thursday, June 25, 2009

Training Pants

We have been using training pants since we realized they were thinner and could hold a pee just as easily as a cloth diaper (we stopped using disposables when we realized he had no idea when he was peeing in them or not and they were never not peed in). The thinner aspect really appealed to me because I didn't want my baby to have to learn to move with all that bulk. I also think a baby bum is so dang cute!

Here is a variety of training pants made as "nonwaterproof training pants." They are basically stretch cotton with a soaker layer made of 4 layers of flannel or a layer of Zorb. Lately, I have been making them with 2 layers of Zorb because his pees have a lot more volume than they used to. But-- 2 layers makes them thick, so I have been trending towards using all-in-one diapers when he is going to have a miss (during his morning nap, typically), and underwear or pants with nothing else when I think he looks immodest.

I also love training pants because they are elastic waist so when I take him to pee in a public toilet, then I can change him mid-air and don't need to set him down somewhere.

Training pants are really great because they hold one missed pee, and you can make then with a feel-wet liner (flannel or cotton), or a feel-dry liner (fleece or microfleece or suedecloth).

I use this pattern, for the most part:

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