Friday, June 19, 2009

EC in Action

Henry was 3 weeks old here. We started doing EC ("Elimination Communication" aka infant potty training or Diaper-Free Baby) when his circumcision cut healed. With our next baby, I want to start even earlier. It is so rewarding to catch his elimination, and helped us realize how much he was paying attention from early on.

In this photo, he was 4 months old. By then, we were catching almost all of his poops and many pees.

We practice EC when we are not at home as well. This was in Mendocino, when Henry was 9 months old. You see him watching his stream.

This is in Hawaii at 9 months. It was around 8 months that we started to consider him "potty trained," aka a graduate. We still have 2-5 pee misses per day, but he is definitely aware of his needs, which is our goal.

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When practicing EC, it is a lot easier to pay attention to the baby's communication when he has a naked bottom.
Because of this, I started sewing items to keep him warm and to keep our house clean! My first project was a piddle pad for the bed which ended up being a terrible bed mat but a great play mat (it was too heavy for the bed). The next project was split-crotch pants. My renewed interest in sewing and my childhood idea of "Nicolle's Originals" grew out of this renewal.
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  1. um had i known of this theory i would totally not be here going "katie come on you can do it just poop in the damn potty!" at age almost 3.
    and i'm totally joking about saying "the damn potty" i say "dang"...just in case you were wondering.



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