Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Box into a Little House

Supplies Used: 2 boxes, utility knife, scissors, packing tape, thin bamboo as dowel, fabric, 2 outlet covers, some cardboard corner protectors (the box was from a cabinet and these were attached to the corners).

Order of Assembly: height, doors, windows, roof, window coverings, door hardware, outlets, floor coverings.

Here it is in progress... the windows and doors have been cut and are being tested, and the roof is on.  Notice we  lengthened the box by taping the edges together to make it taller, and put another box part on top as a roof.
This window works.
Helping with the bamboo poles/ dowels (used to hang the curtains).
This is the back door/ window.  It is 3/4 height, and we covered the hole with a fabric curtain.  The curtain rod is a bamboo pole which is attached on each side with a piece of jute cord stuck in two holes and tied together on the inside.  The pole edges are taped in place.  The curtain itself is sewn with an easy fold over and stitch and the pole is laced through.  We used this same method for the side curtain.
This side has two windows and an electrical outlet.  The outlet is cut all the way through so it is an exterior and interior outlet (his design, not mine).  We filled it in with two outlet protectors taped together.  

You can see the front here as well. The front door is in two pieces (like a half door in some old houses).  The cardboard triangle corner protectors are on the bottom part on the inside and outside as a handle.  The top part has a hole to open and close the door with, as do the windows you see.  The fabric at the bottom is the welcome mat, which is a piece of fabric taped onto one of the cardboard flaps.
This is the other side.  You can see the back  window/ door here, and the other side window.  The window curtain is pulled inside in the photo.
You can see the front door here being held open.  He is standing on the rug we made.  It was made out of the back  big window/ door piece that was removed and happened to fit perfectly on the floor inside.  We cut a piece of fabric just larger and taped it to the cardboard piece from the back.
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