Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Nurse while Babywearing

Nursing in a carrier is a great way to help meet your baby's needs when you either can't sit down, or if you want a little extra privacy.

My favorite is nursing in the Ergo.  To do this, I lengthen the straps a bit, lowering the baby.  Then I can manoever Baby onto the breast by moving my breast to his head level.  I have found this to be an easy way to get Baby to sleep as well.  For more privacy, just close the sleeping hood.

I never got the hang of how to nurse in the Moby.  I think I managed once by squishing baby lower and squeezing my breast high enough to reach Baby's mouth.  It looks like there is a way to do it by pretending it is a sling.  Here is a video someone else did of how to nurse in a Moby Wrap using it more like a sling:

However you end up managing it, nursing while walking or in the grocery store is a fine feat worth attempting repeatedly to get it right!  Good luck...

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