Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scootababy Carrier: My Current Favorite

I purchased the Scootababy carrier when my eldest was about 18 months old.  I did it on a bit of a whim when he was getting pretty heavy in the Ergo on the front, but didn't love to sit on the back.  Having him on my hip without adjusting the straps made it easy to use and actually pretty cozy.  I am using it again with my second, who is 7 months old.  He loves to look out, so sitting on the side is a nice compromise for both of us (he can look out without craning his neck, and I can still look at him).

This carrier is a soft structured carrier (SSC), just like the Ergo.  This means it is a classic Asian Mei Tai, redesigned to use clips instead of long straps and knots.  Its innovation is to have one strap instead of two on the upper body part so that it is permanently a hip carrier (although you can wear your baby more to the front or back).

I thought I wouldn't like having the weight on one shoulder, but the hip belt carries a lot of the weight, and the one shoulder is covered in a wide piece of fleece.  This piece really envelops the shoulder cap, thus keeping the weight on the wearer's skeleton instead of their muscles.  This makes the child feel light!  The carrier also keeps the child close.

It comes in a variety of colors, and has sturdy construction.  The clips are tight, waist padding is thick enough, and the padding for the opposite hip is mobile, so you can adjust it depending on the waist size of the wearer and where exactly the baby is on you at that moment ~ meaning baby can sit more in front or back and you will always have the other piece padding your opposite hip without carrying the extra padding around.

My only wish for it is a cell phone pocket or larger pocket of some sort, although adding a pocket would make it less cozy.

All in all, I really like the carrier and find it easy to use and comfortable from about 5 months to 40 pounds.

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