Monday, January 2, 2012

Pattern Review: Owly Baby Yoga Pants

The Owly Baby Yoga Pants come in sizes NB through 6T, so I thought it would be a great pattern for my baby and preschooler-- to make them matching pants, of course.  Plus it is a downloadable pdf, so I could reprint it over and over as needed, which I always love.  I also thought it was high time for me to try another pants pattern (I have used this one over and over and over and I have just been making it longer now that the preschooler is too big for the largest size).

Here they are in sizes 12 mo and 4T, without the optional added inch for a longer waistband and without being hemmed (also an option).
I thought the pattern was easy to use, and I even learned something new.  She has you attach the legs together by putting the pant legs inside each other, right sides together, and stitch with them in one pile.  I hadn't tried that before, and it made it a lot easier.  This method allowed me to go quickly in making that seam, since I didn't have to readjust at all mid-seam.

They are also very easy because the legs just have an inner seam instead of inner and outer seams (less stitching).  I whipped up both pairs in under an hour, from printing to photo.

I used swimsuit lycra for the pant portion, and a cotton knit for the waistband.

However, once I put these on the kids I ran into a couple of issues.  

The baby pants fit great and are adorable.  The waistband is a bit loose, but they stay up, even without a diaper.  The waistband tends to unroll, but not enough to make them fall down or have a modesty issue.  

I don't have a photo of the preschooler's pants on because they fell off right away.  The waistband was so loose that they didn't stay over his hips.  The length was right, or a bit short (maybe he is a 5T-- but if he is, then they definitely shouldn't have fallen down off the waist).  I am going to need to add some elastic inside the waist, but I may have to tack it in place since it is such a wide waistband.  I may need another solution.

Overall, these are a nice find.  They aren't fabulous because I am going to need to tweak the pattern to make it fit.  But maybe that is one of the benefits of making your own clothing~ that you can change the fit to make it just right.  And they sure are cute... and quick and easy.

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