Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greener ways to Diaper ~ if you do not use cloth or do EC

If you aren't ready to go whole hog by using cloth diapers, but would prefer to be a bit friendlier on the environment than typical disposable diapers, there are a few greener alternatives.  My favorite, of course, is to go Diaper-Free.  The best part of diaper-free (EC) is that by around 3 months of age, all poops go in the potty, so you can easily use cloth training pants you wash yourself. But if you aren't ready for that, either, here are some other options:

  1. G-Diapers ~ This innovative system is a hybrid between cloth and disposable (or you can use cloth inserts to make it all-cloth).  The disposable part is actually flushable down your toilet.  It is a re-usable cloth exterior with a snap-in waterproof liner that holds the flushable (or cloth option) part.  The flushable portion feels like a maxi-pad.  If you choose the cloth option, you could also use a thin diaper liner (to throw the poop in the toilet and wash the wet liner part).  G-Diapers are a great "gateway" diaper to cloth, in my opinion, because they help you learn how easy and clean cloth is!  But you could also use it for what it is: a greener way to diaper the baby.  Plus, they are cute.
  2. A Compostable Diaper Service ~ In the Bay Area, Earth Baby is a service that picks up your soiled compostable diapers and brings you new ones.  Their premise is that human waste doesn't belong in our green bins, so they will properly compost your compostable diapers (they use Nature's Babycare Compostable Diapers). 
  3. Compostable Diapers ~ Broody Chick from Canada sells 100% biodegradable diapers.  They use wood pulp as the filler. You could also use Nature's Babycare Compostable Diapers on your own.  This option has mixed reviews, though.
  4. Chlorine-Free Disposable Diapers ~ Seventh Generation, Nature's Babycare, and Earth's Best make these.  A friend of mine has tried all of these and swears by Nature's Babycare - for the price, absorbency, and fit.  She loves them.  But chlorine-free are still disposable diapers, and the least green of the ones here.
Though I am making this information available to you, please do not consider this my endorsement of disposable diapering!  I really wholeheartedly believe that cloth is better for your baby and better for the environment.  Check out the chemicals noted here if the environmental argument isn't enough for you.

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