Monday, January 9, 2012

Recipe: Persimmon Fruit Leather (Raw)

These are part of our Persimmon Project.  

We have now taken the glut of ripe Hachiya Persimmons our neighbor gave us and pureed them, skins and all, in the food processor and then we froze them in 2-cup ziploc baggies.

To make fruit leather, we took a baggie and defrosted it and spread it onto the Teflex sheet of the dehydrator.  We then spread it so that it was evenly distributed.

Then we put it into the dehydrator set at 115 degrees (to keep it raw and to keep the enzymes intact).  Drying time depends on the weather, and this took us about 8 hours.

They are just ok.  Sadly.  We had such high hopes for them.  We found them to be a little bland, although we find the ripe fruit to be divine.  My guess is that the addition of lemon juice and rind, or Vitamin C crystals/ ascorbic acid would help make the flavor pop.  The consistency was just right, though.
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  1. Have you tried adding applesauce and coconut?
    I like using applesauce as my base for fruit leather. First we pick apples from the wild apple trees in my area, then gather fruit from my neighborhood.
    I like drying he fuyu like the apple rings. They make nice snack bags with the mix of apple and persimmon.
    I discover dried coconut from the healthfood store was the best to add to the leather.



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