Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wee Weka Pocket Diapers

I just made two more pocket diapers using Wee Weka's ML side snap pattern (the fifth one on this list).  I have used this pattern before, and we are actually using these at night these days, since the littlest guy doesn't get changed out of wet diapers that quickly at night.

The inner layer of suedecloth (or microfleece or fleece) keeps him feeling dry, since it wicks the moisture right away into the inner layer, which we stuff with prefolds as our inserts (see link below).  You could also stuff it with any sort of absorbent cloth.  The outside is PUL.  The snaps are Kam snaps.  I inserted them before putting the outer and inner together, which I hadn't done before.  I didn't want them to rub against the little guy's skin.  I did need to look at the pattern markings more closely than usual for placement, and this made my topstitching a bit lopsided at the end, as the snaps ended up a bit close for my presser foot to navigate around.

The advantage of pockets over all-in-ones is that the inserts come out and can be washed separately, meaning they are sure to get clean, plus they dry faster as separate pieces in the dryer. 

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