Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Forks Over Knives, the documentary

This documentary is billed as a film that can save your life.  I agree.  Especially if you have had little to no exposure to some of the new nutritionism books and studies, or the work of the Weston Price Foundation.
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I also agree with his message.  With one caveat. You need to eat meat!  The film repeats that those who eat "a whole foods plant based diet" live better and longer and that could be misconstrued as an argument to be vegan. I wish that they would have had a bit more about the need to keep a little bit of meat and fish in the diet.

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How the message is presented is also really well done.  They use graphs and interviews, and the filmmaker even uses himself as going and trying this and having his own cancer risk go down as an illustration of how a "whole foods plant based diet" can be beneficial.

This is worth seeing, and worth showing to those you love!

Check out more about it on the documentary's website.

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