Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review of Teething Bling and Mommy Necklaces - Nursing Necklaces for Mama

These should be called just plain jewelry, instead of nursing necklaces, but they must be called that because they are designed for your baby to play with while they are nursing.

They are all made of non-toxic materials, so they could also be teethers, or toys which are tethered around the caregiver's neck while babywearing.

I have tried the teething bling and the mommy necklaces.  The teething bling has a donut-shaped pendant on a piece of thick string and you tie it around your neck.  The donut is semi-soft.  I wasn't that impressed with this, although it is fun to play with the little donut.  The lack of clasp made the whole thing feel cheap.  Plus, when it gets tugged on, it hurts my neck and I need to swat baby away!

The mommy necklaces, though, I really like.  They are plastic, which I don't love, but they don't look or feel cheap.  The cording is sturdy, they come with a warranty, and the clasp is great.  I get compliments on them all the time, and baby and toddler love to play with them.  My toddler loves to wear it sometimes, too.  When my baby pulls on it, he tugs it off sometimes and lets it stay sometimes.  I prefer the longer strands with him when he is nursing or in the baby carrier, because then he can reach them to play with them easily.

I added the wooden necklace to this post because it looks interesting and I love the idea of baby playing with and teething on wood instead of plastic.  I haven't tried it, though.  I am already hooked on the Mommy Necklaces! Pin It

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