Friday, March 9, 2012

Kids' Activity Idea: Purim Grogger DIY

Happy Purim!

We've been reading about Sammy Spider's First Purim (thanks, PJ Library!), and the not-so-little guy took it upon himself to copy Josh in the book and make himself a grogger (noisemaker) for Purim.

To do this, he took a piece of paper, though in the book they take a paper plate.  Then he found a stick ~ an empty paper towel roll.  He attached the paper around the stick with some tape, then closed the end with tape. He took a handful of buttons and put them inside, then stapled it shut.  I tried to convince him to use rocks, but they use buttons in the book, so buttons it was. Make sure those staples go all the way around to keep the buttons inside. Then he decorated it with stickers.

Then it's time to shake it!  

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