Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tutorial: Long Sleeved Pullover into Sleep Sack

Measure up old pullover (this one is a size too big) against the right sized sleep sack.  The  yellow Cal fleece here is a remnant; I was measuring it to see if I had enough.

Right sides together, stitch extra fleece into a tube the same width as pullover.  Cut off extra.
Right sides together, stitch tube to pullover (in this photo, I turned the pullover inside out and tucked the fleece tube inside of it).
Make another tube.  Cut pullover and stitch tube to both sides.  This is just to make the pattern repeating (it is for fashion- not function).

Turn inside out and stitch bottom closed.  You will now have a closed sleep sack pullover.

If you are afraid of zippers, you could use a toggle and make a casing and thread it through, or use elastic.  I think this would only work with babies who aren't pulling up, since they may be more likely to keep their feet in.  I decided to do a zipper because we are used to using zippers and they aren't that hard.  I wanted to make sure my baby's little feet will stay warm at night!
Choose a separating zipper that is at least 3/4 of the length of the sleep sack, and preferably longer.

Cut the sleep sack down the middle in front as long as the zipper. 
Right sides together, stitch the zipper to both sides of the front.  As you stitch, make sure the  horizontal lines match up and the top matches up.  Do one side, the the other, then the bottom.

Set your stitch length a bit long (I use 3.5) and topstitch the zipper into place.
Cut little triangles to use to soften the top edges of the zipper.
Stitch the triangles over the top of the zipper to protect baby's neck and chin from the zipper's edges.
All done!
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