Friday, March 23, 2012

Pattern Review: Asymetrical Hipster Hoodie from Running with Scissors

Nice job, Ms. Running with Scissors.  You say this is your first pattern-for-sale and I liked it a lot.  It is called the Asymmetrical Hipster Hoodie (here is the Hoodie Pattern) and it is adorable.  I started by making two: one for the little guy and one for the big guy.

They are both upcycled from old shirts, a Logitech shirt, a friend's old pink hood, and some new Michael Miller knit fabric.  I didn't do the sleeve hem on either one because I cut the sleeves from the edge of the old shirts, keeping the original hems.

The pattern itself was a huge pain to cut out after printing, and that was my biggest beef with the whole thing.  It took a lot of desk space to lay it out, then match the pieces, then there were a bunch of little pieces that weren't marked, so you really did have to lay the whole thing out before cutting, as she states.

But her directions are clear and the shirt is fairly quick to stitch together, and it is adorable.

I added piping in her contrast band, and like how it looks.

This one is the 18-24 mo size and it fits my 9 month old, who is currently in size 12-18 month shirts.  It was even a bit tight over his noggin.  The hood stitching directions could have been more clear, and I ended up sorting out that both of the longer hood ends should end up in the seam itself, otherwise they end up showing.

The larger one is size 3T for my 3.5 year old.  I lengthened the arms by about 4" when making it (I decided to do this by holding the pattern up to his arm and seeing where it cut off on him).  He thinks the pocket is nice, and likes the piping.

I think the pattern is cute and useful, and easy enough to follow and use.  I just need to watch the neck width, which she reminds you of in the directions.

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