Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pattern Review: Easy Linen Shirt from Sewing for Boys

This is another cute and easy project from Sewing for Boys (the book).  I made this for my large 3.75 year old (he is growing out of his 4T clothes these days) in a size 4/5 out of the bottom of my neighbor's curtains. Love upcycling!  And love this fabric.  It feels like linen but is a bit thicker. I love how neutral it is (especially since I tend to the, uh, wilder side in pant fabrics).

I liked how easy it was to make.  The directions glide you right along.  I only got stumped on the seam finishing in the recommended way: they guide you to an appendix then I had trouble sorting out how to do the recommended finish by following the directions in the appendix.  I love the detail along the front of the shirt.  I also love how all the seams are meant to be enclosed.

I did not love the fit (again- haven't had great luck so far in the book, actually).  The body length and width are right, but the sleeves are a bit long.  My son actually thought the whole thing was a bit big, and kept poking at the space at the open neck until we put a t-shirt under it.

All in all, like it.  Will make it again.  Recommend it.
The pants are the Treasure Pocket Pants from the book.

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