Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kids' Cooking Idea: Pizza

There are so many ways to make pizza... but maybe that is why it is so well-liked?

One way we make ours is to buy the dough pre-made from Trader Joe's (the herb dough).  Then we put it on parchment paper and squish it out either with our hands or through another piece of parchment paper (pounding it with fists).

Then we use their pizza sauce and the organic shredded mozzarella.  Then the little guy chooses what goes on top.  Yesterday he went into the garden and chose some ingredients (a mint leaf, cabbage leaf, and asparagus). Then we added some from the fridge: spinach and yogurt cheese.  Then he sprinkled more shredded cheese on top, and this is our creation.

You could really do anything on them.  We used to make them with leftover veggies and meat between the sauce and cheese.  But (AH HAH!) we found that letting the little guy choose the toppings made him like them more.

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