Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby Pants Upcycled from Old Pants

These came from a pair of ladies' pants.  They were similar to scrubs-- made of thin material with pockets in the back and a tie waist.  The emblem was on one side.

These are size 6-12 months.  To make them, I used my favorite pants pattern and cut the fronts and backs.  I had intended to make one pair, but found there was enough material to make two.  I intentionally cut the emblem to be on the front, and included the back pockets in full as much as I could.  When upcycling, it's always nice to include as many of the original details as possible.

In this vein, I opted to keep the look of the original tie waistband rather than making them into elastic waist pants.  I found that the waist was exactly double what I needed (what luck!).  To make the waistbands, I cut the original waist off with about an inch excess below the drawstring casing.  Then I cut the band in half, making sure to distribute the ties evenly.  Then I stitched each half into a circle and went back to following the directions on the pants pattern (basically using the extra inch to stitch onto the legs).

I am really happy with how these turned out.
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