Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Review: A World of Dumplings

 My older son and I were staring at each other last week, on a long afternoon, and I decided we should cook something.  Cooking helps us both stay focused, since it is project based and we each like to have "jobs."  We made Tibetan Momos from my Tibetan cookbook, and steamed them up.  He was excited that the contractor we had at the house ate four of them and liked them, and he promptly ate a few, then his little brother ate a few.  Buoyed by the experience, I bought a book on little stuffed dumplings from around the worrld.  It is called A World of Dumplings.

A World of Dumplings is a gem of a book.  It is all at once a nice read and full of recipes that I want to make.

The author does such a nice job of organizing this book.  He goes around the world, region by region, and describes the dumplings.  He intersperses anecdotes about his experience with the dumplings that are funny and easy to relate to.  They are such nice stories that I didn't mind that he didn't actually travel the world in search of dumplings-- he merely searched his hometown and New York City.

The recipes themselves are easy to follow and those I've tried have been tasty.  The ingredients are also simple: the only spice I didn't have was sumac and a quick internet search found me that once so now we can try the Greek dumplings.

If you are looking for a nice read, and some new recipes, look no further than A World of Dumplings by Brian Yarvin. Pin It

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