Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Sleep Sacks size 2T

We have been using sleep sacks this time around.  The idea is that Baby won't throw off the blankets at night, and will also associate the sleep sack being put on with sleeping.

So he has grown out of the XL sleep sacks, and the 2T ones all seem to have feet.  Uh-- if I wanted leg holes, I would use pajamas!  How will his feet stay warm?

Enter my sewing machine.

We have found that having two sacks in fleece is a nice number.  They can rotate for wetness, and the fleece wicks moisture away from the baby

So I made two in the next size up.  This time, I didn't have any commercial ones to trace, so I used a 2T shirt for the shoulders and estimated the length by an outfit of his that fits and by laying the smaller one out for the roundness of the bottom.

I stitched the fronts and backs together, then hemmed the arm holes.  Next, I cut a line for the zipper and stitched it in.  Lastly, I topstitched the zipper and hemmed the neck.  I didn't do a zipper protector placket because he is wearing clothing underneath.  In deference to the zipper and his neck, I left space at the top when installing the zipper and hemmed this over the zipper so that part won't poke him.

Quite easy, although it used a lot of fabric.
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