Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kid Pants Upcycled from Old Tank Top

These are a bit funky because they are pretty stretchy and bell-bottomed, but I include them here because I did a few cool things with these.

They began their life as a white tank top (wife beater) and the red is some knit fabric from my stash.


When I cut them, I placed a pair of well-fitting pants on the sides of the tank top and wanted to preserve the bottom seam to use as a hem (cool thing #1).  Unfortunately, my not-so-little-guy has longer legs than I do torso.  I cut them anyway.

Then (cool thing #2), I held them up to him to determine how much longer they needed to be and cut a piece of fabric in that length, plus four seam allowance widths (2 for each side of each color fabric).  Then I cut the leg and stitched this patch into the fabric.

I then stitched the legs closed, and the inseam (I always use the triple stitch on my machine for inseams- BTW- cool thing #3- even on knits).  I also go over the leg seams twice- once with a regular stitch and once making a faux serge with a wide zig-zag that comes very close to the edge.

To make the waistband, I used some of the scraps and stitched them together to go on top.  I added elastic inside (which I measured by holding it up to my child's waist and adding a seam allowance, then stitched together into a circle), folded the waistband in half, stuck the elastic inside, and stitched this whole waistband onto the pants with it folded down.  I made this a bit wider than usual to help compensate for his LONG LONG LONG (and growing longer) legs.

They make for pretty fun, and very thin and breathable, pants.  Perfect for warm fall days (we love the Bay Area!!).
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