Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Boys Bake Challah (and a word on using whole wheat flour)

I have discussed Challah Baking before, and it is no accident.  My grandfather was a renowned baker, and specialized in challah and cinnamon bread.  His father was also a baker.

For the holidays, we made round challahs.  I love how both boys wanted aprons, and the little guy was taking notes (as usual) from big bro on how to do it.  It degenerated into dough eating... and (luckily) ended in delicious challahs!

Note our challahs have improved considerably since we started adding a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten.  My husband looked up (on the glorious internet) why my challahs weren't as fluffy as my grandfather's and discovered that my use of whole wheat flour was the issue, and this could be negated by the addition of vital wheat gluten.   Nice work, hubby!
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