Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Lovey

When introducing a "lovey" (or a blankie or whatever you call it) to a baby, there is talk about making it "safe" for the crib.  As far as I could tell, this means that it has to be small enough that the baby wouldn't suffocate under it if it covered the face.  That, or made out of a breathable material.

This one is super soft on one side- make of white minky fleece... perfect for cuddling up with.  The other side is quilter's cotton.  Both pieces are a foot square.  The binding is quilter's cotton but I didn't cut it on the bias.  I cut it 2" thick, then ironed it in half.  Then I tucked each edge into the middle and ironed those down.  Lastly, I ironed it closed with the edges inside.

Then I attached it like a quilt binding, and stitched it around.  This means that I tucked the fabrics into the middle and made a seam around.  I started a couple of inches off of one corner, then at each corner, I tucked the front and back into a square corner and continued stitching.  When I got back to where I started, I cut my threads.  Then I opened up the binding and stitched it together, estimating how much to cut off in order for it to lie flat.  Then I folded it back up along the iron lines and went back to the original stitching line and closed it up.  I didn't do any quilting because it is so small.

Hope the baby LOVES the LOVEY!

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