Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cooking with Kids: on the BBQ

My little one had so much fun with this cooking project last week that he made us do it again this week.

We got a whole fish and had the fish monger slit it open and loosen the guts.  He didn't remove them because the little guy wanted to see everything, and they are actually quite easy to remove after looking at them, and not as gross as I'd always thought they would be.

We put some lemon and dill this week, and lemon and reosemary last week, and my son wrapped the fish in foil.

Then he wrapped peppers in another packet, and peaches with butter and cinnamon in another, and apples and butter and cinnamon in another, and bananas and cinnamon and butter in another, and eggplant - I had rubbed salt into it and let sit for 15 min then patted it dry- in another foil packet.  Last week we also did little potatoes and salt.

We put the BBQ on high with the lid closed for 10 minutes to heat up.  Then I loaded it up with foil packets. I cooked them for 10 minutes per side, then opened them up.

We ate them right out of the foil, except the peppers, whose skins we peeled off then I sliced them.

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