Monday, June 3, 2013

Bike Seat Hinge + bonus review of the xtracycle hooptie

The saga of the perfect bike seating arrangement for the Xtracycle Edgerunner continues.

As you may recall, we recently made the wooden seat in which you see my older son (4.75 years old) sitting.  Then we added bags for the passengers.

Now, as suspected, he was having trouble getting into the seat without hitting his legs.  There just wasn't enough space between the end of the arm rest and the hooptie end/ stoker bar (yes, we don't have the hooptie in use.  Why? You ask.  It is too wide on the wider setting to make me feel like I am riding a narrow bike and on the narrow setting it is too tight on the Yepp seat in back.  Plus, the arm rests give the front passenger enough stability that we don't need it AND we like using the front piece of it as a stoker bar.  Also, it is a bit difficult to get the pieces from the narrow to wide setting and get them on and off - you need to balance both ends in at the same time and push the same amount- it is frustrating to take it on and off.  We kept the ends on because they are light and it will be useful one day.  It is a very cool product- I just prefer it on the narrow setting and it will be great when my kids are a bit bigger).

But where was I before that little Hooptie Review?

Ah, yes, leg room on the entry and exit.

We made a hinge on one side.  We chopped the arm rest off and he said it was too short.  So we re-attached it with a hinge which has been for a test ride now and works great (so far).  Plus, he has a sense of ownership for it and can play with it as needed.
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