Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grapes on our Trellises

These grapes were all planted last year.  Some were new plants, and two were year-old plants.  In the bottom photo, you can tell which are the older plants.

I think I neglected to Blog about our trellis projects.  The top one was inspired by a wall in Walnut Creek. It is thin gauge plastic coated wire and metal loops.  The end is on a metal tensioner to get it taut.   The grape is conforming to the shape nicely.  We just go and tuck the edges around every few days.

The bottom photo is grape plants about every 5 feet.  There are 3 varieties, and I think I planted too many plants.  There is a rose at the beginning and the end, and a mass on encroaching blackberries at the beginning.  I will prune after we eat blackberries.  We made the trellis on two levels, medium and high.  There are metal loops at each fence post, screwed directly into the fence.  It is a continuous loop of metal wire with a metal tenisoner at the beginning on each level.  At the end, the metal just continues from top to bottom.  My thought was that the rose would use that space, but it doesn't seem to get enough sun in that corner.
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