Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Bike Bucket Bags

I have made this free bicycle bucket bag pattern from Noodlehead a couple of times (here - then modified that one here, then made it again here).

This time, I made two at the same time.  They were meant to be for the boys' bikes, but I cut the fabric so long ago, then didn't stitch them up, then we got other baskets, that now we thought to put these on the big wheels, but haven't done it yet and they are just carrying them around the house with dolls and loveys in them.  I am enjoying not having the cut fabric sitting on my desk!

The first one is made with quilter's cotton on the inside and outside and buckram as the stabilizer.  Again, I had trouble with the top binding laying flat.

The second is also made with quilter's cotton and buckram.  I like how the buckram holds the bag steady in both.  You can also see that I haven't put the snaps on yet to attach it to the bike (or velcro).  I wanted to measure it against where it is going before making the attachment mechanism.
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