Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Homemade Condiments

I don't really love condiments, but was recently inspired to make some to up my fat intake (see this post for details).  I made the Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing from The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance and it was good.  I won't make it again, but if I was already a lover of Blue Cheese dressing, it would be a keeper.  It was also an interesting experiment to try and make a recipe from a Kindle book instead of a paper book.  I may try and print recipes next time... got a bit messy...

I then made the Honey Basil from  The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance.  Eh, it was ok.  Nothing to write home about.

The Honey Mustard dressing from Mommypotomus was great (I LOVE her stuff) but mine didn't look like hers.  Also, the kids didn't like it.  Go figure.   With that in mind, I like when they pick at my salads and they didn't with this dressing on it.

The Mayo from Well Fed was fabulous, as always.  Although this time I made a double batch and ran out of olive oil. I used up my sesame oil and melted some coconut oil to substitute, and it tastes good, but is a bit too solid refrigerated.  I am tempted to try this sardine mayo recipe next time.

Lastly, the "Sunshine Sauce" from Well Fed (subbing almond butter for sunflower butter because my local store adds sugar to their sunflower butter) actually really tastes like peanut sauce.  I haven't come up with a good use for it (the others have ended up on my salads- and the mayo on my, ahem, cheese), but it is really tasty.

All in all, that was a fun afternoon making all these sauces in the food processor.  I think I will keep with the mayo and adding olive oil to my salads, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

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