Friday, June 28, 2013

Veggie Box from a Pallet - Upcycling

This was a pallet from our neighbor's garbage pile (it was the annual pick-up-anything day) that we sawed in half using a Skil Saw and sawhorses.  I find the circular saw quite easy to use once you mark your line.  This wood was thick, so I had to saw from the top and bottom.

The connecting pieces are scraps of wood we had sawed for another project and hadn't used.  We screwed them together.

Then we added weed cloth to block the holes and staple gunned it on.  My preschooler did the stapling.  You can see his little brother playing with the dolly here.

Then we filled it up with soil (my favorite mix of a third vermiculite, a third peat moss, and a third compost-- but we put some straw from a straw bale we have for the chickens at the bottom to make the height a bit-- these are deep).  We planted them out with seeds and starts of marigolds, basil, and cilantro, and irrigated it with drip.

Now they have sprouted!

I am hoping that the sun on this side of the house will make up for the awning being right there.  Maybe it will be an advantage and the lettuces will do well and the cilantro won't bolt (an annual issue of mine).
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