Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY Hemming Curtains - one into two

It has been so light in the little guy's room that he needed some dark curtains.  I didn't have any fabric that was dark enough, so I bought some dark curtains.  The dimensions were right for me to buy one panel and make it into two side by side panels-- if I cut the piece in half and made the very bottom into another top piece with some way to slide the curtain rod inside.

I ended up using some denim strips I had laying around to make a sleeve for the curtain rod.  I had zero extra length to play with, especially after rolling a tiny tiny hem onto each piece.

It turned out okay- the denim was a bit narrow for the job and I need to push that curtain more than I would like to get it open.  Next time, I will measure the width of the existing sleeve and make mine the same ~ allowing for the seam allowance to roll each side under, of course, so you don't have an unfinished side on the edges (even though it is the back).
I am very happy with their dark-inducing properties, though.  Sweet dreams, little one!
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