Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Irrigating Pots on a "Windowsill"

Again atop the step ladder and with his irrigation tool box in hand, my almost 5-year old and I sorted out the irrigation to these pots after we put some white petunias in them.  We worked on it together since we had some old irrigation from the previous owners to use (we call these finds, "irrigation treasures").

The previous owners had these red pots and irrigation in them.  We moved in and turned off their irrigation system, since it had massive leaks we couldn't find.  The plants dies and we put the pots in the shed.

We just found the pots and decided to get them some flowers.  So we potted these up, and found the old emitters.  There were four on the old line, so we cut one of the middle ones off and did a 2-plug junction to close the gap.  Then we cut it from the old irrigation and capped off the old line (just in case).  On the new line, we added an on-off switch that my son had been really wanting to use.  This way, we can turn it off if we decide to not have something in the pots in the winter.  Then he plugged this into the new thick tubing which runs the water to the plants down below ~ via a thin feeder line.

Viola!  Irrigation experience and a little polish to the front door area.
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