Thursday, December 1, 2011

Facing Our Fears

This is a drawing of the "yap yap doggie" at the end of our block. It is a dog that one of the neighbors keeps in their front yard tied to his doghouse. Whenever we walk or bike past, he pops out like a jack-in-the-box and yaps like mad. We always jump. On more than one tricycling occasion, a little someone has veered toward the edge of the road and almost gone off. Scary.

So we drew a picture. In this, you can see the yap yap doggie. There is also a baby yap yap dogie here. They both have collars on, and leashes. The doghouse has a lock. There is a bed in front, with a cozy blanket. You also see the owner here (his legs and shoes).  I drew and the aforementioned scared party told me what to draw.  We taped it to the wall.

In theory, I was hoping that having this around could help us walk past that house without fear.  So far, we are still avoiding the walk.  I suppose only time will tell.
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