Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reversible Diaper Inserts

I was browsing at the EC Store and saw their SIMPLYinserts.  For $22, you get 4 double-sided diaper inserts.  One side is feel-dry and the other is feel-wet.  There is a soaker in the middle.

I thought it was a great idea to make some reversible diaper inserts, just for those times when you can't change baby right away and don't want them to get used to wet diaper on their bum.

To make these, I used the dimensions from the EC store (large as 5" by 13.5", though I could have also done small at 4" by 10").  I used an old golf shirt made out of wicking fabric as the feel-dry layer.  I used Zorb as the soaker, and sandwiched it between two layers of cotton birdseye.  So each one was a layer of blue wicking fabric, then birdseye, then Zorb, then birdseye.

To stitch these, I first made one seam down the center.  This was to hold the soaker in place.  Then I continued along the edges, using a wide zig-zag as a faux serge.  I alternated between folding the blue up and down because I wanted the birdseye's edges covered up so it wouldn't ravel.  I also didn't want extra thickness at the edges.

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