Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Packing List for Travel with Baby and Toddler, A to Z

Yes, we are going to do it.  We are going to leave the house with two children and sleep elsewhere.  We are going to travel there by airplane.  It is going to be winter there (we live in a semi-winter climate), and we plan on tubing and some of us will ski.

The place we will stay has beds and a crib, bath toys, a baby bath tub and towel, baby and toddler toys, a high chair, a full kitchen, toilet seat reducers and bathroom stools, appropriately sized ski clothes and ski gear and winter boots, a little sled, and a hot tub... should be fun...

A Menorah out of Blocks.
Regardless, we need to bring lots of our own stuff.  Here is our list-in-progress.  The baby is now 6 months old (read: eats food and is starting to crawl, but is mostly nursing and naps a lot), and the toddler is actually a 3.5 year-old preschooler.

  • airplane toys
  • apples (airplane food)
  • arrowroot powder (to make special holiday sugar, egg, and wheat-free cookies to eat when everyone else has sugar cookies)
  • baby legs
  • baby monitor
  • backpack
  • bathing suits
  • beef jerky (airplane food)
  • bibs
  • Blue, pillow (this is preschooler's special blanket and pillow)
  • boba 
  • camera
  • car seats
  • chargers 
  • chicken water and food (chore to do as packing)
  • clothing (yeah, I agree it is a bit nebulous. Refers to everyday stuff)
  • diapers, covers, overnights (ah, another nebulous one)
  • elephant music maker (music baby sleeps to)
  • gifts
  • green powder 
  • hats
  • IDs
  • itzbeen (baby timer)
  • jackets
  • kindle
  • long underwear
  • lovey (baby's)
  • luggage on wheels (we hook a car seat on top so the whole unit rolls together)
  • pills (prescriptions)
  • receiving blanket (for nursing cover or crawling mat or warmth on plane)
  • sleeping mats 
  • sleepsack
  • sling
  • thermometer, motrin, A+D
  • toiletries
  • vitamins
  • wet bag (for wet diapers)
  • wool socks
  • yoga shorts, sports bra
Wish us luck on our journey!!  And check out this cute post from Rookie Moms...
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