Sunday, December 18, 2011


We got to pick a LOAD of persimmons off a local backyard tree this year.

These are Hachiya Persimmons, which have a pointy bottom.  This means that they are full of tannins, and astringent if you eat them too early.  You need to wait until they are soft like a water balloon.  When that happens, you can slice them and eat them with a spoon, or puree them and add them to recipes.

I found a lot of recipes on the internet, and haven't tried any yet.  They are just so delicious raw, and have been ripening slowly, so we have been eating our way through them.  We did have about six come ripe at once, and pureed them, and froze the puree to cook with later.

Better than these are Fuyu Persimmons.  These have been at our local Farmer's Market for a few weeks now and we have been eating them hard and raw plain.  They also are excellent sliced in salad (spinach salad with almonds, for example).  They are sweet and tart, and delicious.
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  1. I LOVE Fuyu Persimmons, my Dad has two trees and we dig into them every fall. MOUTHWATERING!



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